What Is A Contingency Fee Agreement?

What Is A Contingency Fee Agreement?

I was meeting with a client the other day regarding her personal injuries and the question popped up… How do I pay you?

The answer is, for personal injury cases, we get paid on a contingency fee basis. Essentially we don’t get paid until you get paid. This means that our payment is contingent on a settlement or an award. Once a settlement or award is paid, we receive a percentage of that settlement.

This means that our client don’t have to pay a retainer, an hourly fee, or a flat fee. Our clients work with us up until the settlement, and we work without getting paid until a settlement or award is reached. We also pay for the costs associated with moving the claim forward, without reimbursement until the settlement or award is paid. Therefore our clients do not need to worry about paying anything out of pocket unless there is a settlement or award.

Please reach out to us if you have been involved in an accident and we can discuss with you in depth the details of your accident and further explain our fee. (720) 588-9120.