Sex Assault is a crime.

Victims of Sex Assault suffer traumatic and often lifelong injury.  Physical and mental.

Sex assault is an assault upon a victim’s person . . .  whether it is harassment, unwanted touching or contact, or rape. . .  simply, a sexual act of any kind without a victim’s consent.

Sex assault may involve children or juveniles, who cannot consent to any sexual contact with an adult because, under the law, the adult was in a position of trust, or where the ages of those involved means that there is no possible legal consent to any sexual contact.

Victims of sex assault need the representation of a good lawyer to counsel, advise, assist, and pursue litigation against those responsible.  Sex assault often involves persons known to the victim and is a betrayal of trust, and often a betrayal by other individuals or businesses whose negligence makes them responsible as well for the sexual assault . . . and liable.  We, at Frederick |Ganderton, litigate sexual assault claims against the perpetrators of the sex assault, as well as all others who also bear responsibility , and liability, for the sex assault, which includes businesses, schools, organizations, churches, and others who negligently failed to protect the victim by hiring a perpetrator, failing to supervise a perpetrator, retaining a perpetrator despite knowing better, and even assisting the perpetrator through inaction or, worse yet, covering up.

Michael Frederick and David Ganderton, the law Partners at Frederick | Ganderton, are uniquely experienced and trained to be that lawyer for victims of sexual assault.  As Deputy District Attorneys, with over 15 years of misdemeanor and felony prosecution experience between us, including the prosecution of sexual assault cases ranging from harassment, unlawful sexual contact, and rape, as well as cases involving those who cannot legally consent, children and juveniles.  If law enforcement authorities have filed criminal charges against the perpetrator, sex assault victims will have the added stress as a victim within the criminal justice system.   As former Deputy District Attorneys, we know what to expect in the criminal justice system and are able to help guide and represent our clients, victims of sex assault, throughout the criminal process while representing them in a civil action against those responsible.

The Partners at Frederick | Ganderton have sought justice for victims of sex assault throughout our legal careers, both in the criminal prosecution of perpetrators of sex assault in our prior careers and continue to do so today in the civil arena, seeking compensation for victims of sexual assault.

Some common types of businesses and organizations named in Colorado sexual assault lawsuits include:

  • School Sexual Assault
  • College Campus Sexual Assault
  • Detention Center Sexual Assault
  • Jail or Prison Sexual Assault
  • Work Sexual Assault
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Church Sexual Assault Cases
  • Hotel Sexual Assault
  • Physician Sexual Misconduct
  • Public Transportation Assault Cases
  • Uber/Lyft Sexual Assault Cases
  • Sexual Assault of the Disabled
  • Workplace Sexual Assault
  • Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Cases
  • Sexual Assault in Youth Sports Organizations
  • Sexual Assault at day care and childcare centers
  • Sexual Assault at spas, gyms and health clubs
  • Sexual Assault at Tanning salons
  • Sexual Assault at Hotels
  • Sexual Assault at Bars, restaurants, or clubs

We understand that sexual assaults can be very sensitive in nature.  Accordingly, we offer free and highly confidential consultations to discuss your claim.  If we handle your sexual assault case, we will do so on a contingent fee basis. We do not get paid a legal fee unless we obtain money through a negotiated settlement or a court award.

If you, or your child, has been the victim of a sexual assault of any kind, we ask that you contact us so that we may represent you in seeking compensation from all of those responsible for your injuries.


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