How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

How Much Is My Car Accident Case Worth?

So, how much is your claim really worth?

It is inevitable. Each client we have will ultimately ask: How much is my case worth? Which makes complete sense, but the answer is that it depends, and it depends really on three broad topics.

The first area to consider is, what are your injuries and what are you medical bills? Insurance companies will look at the medical bills that come in to put a value on your case. So, depending on what your injuries are, how much treatment you have, and ultimately how much you medical bills are throughout treatment is all going to have a great affect on how much your case is worth.

The second thing we look at when we are determining how much your case is worth is what your loss of income is, or how much time off of work you had due to the accident. If you had a couple of days off, that is going to be a lot different than a person who can’t work anymore, who is so injured that they can’t ever work again in their life. Obviously that person is going to have a much higher value claim than the person who just takes a day or two off of work to get over some soreness.

The third area that we look at to figure out how much a case is with is pain and suffering. How bad are you hurt and how long does your pain go on for? Some people hurt very little after an accident while some people have chronic pain that lasts for years and years. Those two different claims are going to be treated very differently by an insurance company. It is our job to put in our demand letters how much a person hurts, what they can’t do now that they could do before the accident, and whether they have something like scarring or some other kind of physical disfigurement from the accident. We really explain to the adjustor all the pain and suffering our client has, and what they are going through because of the accident.

So those are the three areas that we look at when we are trying to answer this question for our clients. 1. The injuries and medical bills 2. The loss of income that our client has had due to the accident, and 3. What the pain and suffering is. Oftentimes it is very hard to give a direct answer up front because a lot of those things haven’t happened yet. That is truly how we and an insurance company is going to value your claim.

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