Are you Leaving Insurance Money on the Table?

Are you Leaving Insurance Money on the Table?

Today, let’s talk about ways you to prevent yourself from leaving money on the table when it comes to insurance claims. One of the reasons you should hire a competent personal injury attorney after you’ve been involved in car accident is to ensure that you are not leaving insurance money on the table.

After auto accidents, there’s a bunch of different insurance coverages and policies that might apply to your given accident. It is not as simple as just putting in the claim to the at fault driver’s insurance and calling it a day. There is a number of other insurance coverages that can be applicable. For example just to name a few: There is the at-fault driver’s insurance, there is your underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). There is medical payments insurance in Colorado. There could be an umbrella policy that could attach to your or the at-fault drivers insurance coverage. There could be a commercial auto liability policy. If someone is intoxicated when the hit you, there could be a separate action against the bar or restaurant that served them.

As you can seen, there’s a whole bunch of different insurance policies and coverages that might apply to any given accident. So it is important that you hire an attorney who does the investigation up front to be sure that you are putting claims in with every appropriate insurance company that could provide coverage.

Here is an example of a case we had where it was essential that we found insurance coverage for our client. We had a client who was rear ended at a high speed on the interstate and he had significant injuries. The at fault driver was not paying attention when she barreled into him. She was visiting Colorado from out of state for a work conference so was here at the direction of her employer. Therefore, we reached out to the employer to see if they had commercial or business auto liability coverage, and they did have a multi-million dollar policy and a business umbrella policy on top of that.

By doing the up front investigation, and reaching out to the employer, we were able to settle the claim for multi-millions of dollars for our client. It was essential we did that investigation and did not leave that insurance coverage on the table. If you are concerned that you are leaving money on the table or have been in an accident and have any questions reach out to us immediately: (720) 588-9120, staff@frederickganderton.com.